Wix Suppress License Agreement

Recently, I came across a Wix project that mimics the Wix XML files, but allows them to encode the C-configuration. You can find this project on wixsharp.codeplex.com. At first, I had the same problem with a license file with the „Terms and Conditions“ that must be accepted before the user can install the software. As the solution was not such that the „general conditions“ had to be accepted, I had to find a way to suppress that dialogue. We may continue to retain your personal data after deactivate your user account and/or stop using certain services, where reasonably necessary to comply with our legal obligations, to resolve disputes concerning our users or their users, to prevent fraud and abuse, to enforce our agreements and/or protect our legitimate interests. stackoverflow.com/questions/16978501/how-to-create-a-bootstrapper-application-without-a-license-agreement-step The WixUI Dialogue Library contains standard bitmaps for the context of welcome and closing dialogues and the top banner of other dialog boxes. You can replace these bitmaps with their own product brand purposes. To replace standard bitmaps, specify WiX variable values with the file names of your bitmaps, just like when replacing the default license text. WixUIExtension.dll contains a default license agreement.

To specify your product`s license, crush the default setting by specifying a WiX variable called WixUILicenseRtf with the value of an RTF file containing your license text. You can set the variable in your WiX creation tool: This links the Next button in the home dialog box to the installation dialog box (or the dialog box after the license dialog box) and the Return button in the installation dialog box to the home dialog box – effectively remove the license dialog box. There are still a few small skills, such as a licensing page: your last comment seems to conflict with your problem. The problem is to remove the CLA, but the last comment indicates that the MSI is installed in the background and that the use cannot see the user interface. I don`t understand. Here`s a good link to the code: www.howdoicode.net/2011/09/wix-how-to-hide-license-agreement.html There`s a well-known problem with the rich text control, which is used to display the text of the license file, which can lead to displaying the empty text until the user scrolls down into the control.