Tusd Employee Agreement

Tammy Jalique tjalique@tusd.net Associate Superintendent of Human Resources Antonia Velasco avelasco@tusd.net x. 1301 Credential Analyst for Certificated Employees Tamara Ferrario tferrario@tusd.net x. 1303 Director of Human Resources and Employee Relations Luz Gallegos lgallegos@tusd.net x. 1306 Certified Personnel Technician Nora Angel nangel@tusd.net x. 1304 Secretary of the Assoc. Superintendent of Human Resources Evelyn Martinez, evmartinez@tusd.net x. 1308 Techni cian Personnel Stacy Johnson sjohnson@tusd.net x. 1309 Personnel Technician Allowance/Security Claims may be submitted to the appropriate department and/or office. Please read the District Administration Board`s guidelines regarding uniform appeal procedures.

Business Education Instructor – Merrill F. West High School – Tracy Unified School District. . . . (5 JRC 4620) Appendix E – Disclaimer Appendix F – Healthcare Summary Appendix G- Statements of Intent CSEA MOU Security Cameras CSEA MOU Noon Duty Supervisor CSEA MOU Campus Supervisor CSEA MOU Staff Information CSEA MOU Veeh Closure CSEA MOU Duration CSEA MOU Overtime Distribution CSEA MOU Specialized Physical Health Care Service Scholarship. Job postings for classified and certified positions are available on Edjoin.org. Please create an account to keep up to date with the latest information on available positions. Article 1 – CSEA Convention Article 2 – Recognition of the CSEA Article 3 – Definitions of the CSEA Article 4 – Remuneration/allowances CSEA Article 5 – Hours of employment of the CSEA Article 6 – CSEA Social benefits Article 7 – CSEA leaves Article 8, CSEA Leave and leave Article 9 – Transfers/promotions of the CSEA Article 10 – Rights of workers CSEA Article 11 – Evaluation procedure of the CSEA Article 12 – Appeal procedure of the CSEA Article 13 – Rights of Union CSEA Article 14 – CSEA-Ver Administrative rights Article 1 5 – CSEA Organisational security Article 16 – CSEA Dismissals including reduction of working time Article 17 – CSEA Distribution of contracts Article 18 – CSEA Conclusion of negotiations Article 19 – CSEA Economies Article 20 – CSEA No-Strike Clause Article 21 – CSEA Safety Committee Article 22 – CSEA Duration Article 23 – CSEA Discipline Article 24 – CSEA Multi-Track Year-Round Education. .

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