La Trobe Melbourne Enterprise Agreement

The agreement is one of the first long-term agreements to be fully concluded in this sector and to be in force until 30 June 2012. The agreement was concluded through hard work and cooperation negotiations. The new agreement will be available to La Trobe staff: we are very pleased to announce that the National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU), the Union of Communities and the Public Sector (CPSU) and the Union of Spirits, Restaurants and Other Workers (LHMU) have ratified a new enterprise agreement for staff at the University of La Trobe. This is a great asset for Vice-Chancellor John Dewar, who campaigned for the proposed variants of the enterprise agreement, warns LT U is in COVID-19 financial conflict catalyzed. An online push survey on the agreement was submitted to members to give a vine leaf to the agreement. On Tuesday, June 2, members of La Trobe NTEU saw the details of the agreement and were informed by the Victorian office that they would be questioned less than 48 hours later, from Thursday to Saturday. Although the NTEU and other unions were right to deplore the government`s request for a vote to amend the enterprise agreement from seven days to 24 hours, these standards did not apply in the la Trobe union polls. NTEU activist and NTEU national councillor Alma Torlakovic said: „Wage cuts do not save jobs. The management of the university attacked the employees in the good times, and now they are attacking them in the wrong.

The support of these agreements indicates that workers are an easy target and that we will pay for a crisis that we have not caused. They reject them by protecting enterprise agreements and protecting enterprise agreements and by telling the federal state and the federal states that they must make up for the deficit elsewhere. At The University of Western Sydney, the union entered into a pay reduction agreement with management, again without a member mandate. An hour earlier, a branch meeting was convened before a copy of the agreement was given to members. The industry voted for it. The desired result was achieved, so that no consultation of the members was carried out. The newly created role of the Project Manager – Major recreational projects will help plan and complete the transformations of the Ted Summerton Reserve, Latrobe City Sports – Entertainment Stadium and help with a number of other major recreational projects throughout the city. They work with community groups, contractors, consultants and Council staff to achieve sustainable and economically sustainable results for the Latrobe Valley. At the University of Melbourne, management is questioning the change to the company agreement for employees this week.

This change would reduce wages by 2.2% – one weekly allowance per year – and reduce severance pay. The union opposes this variant and asserts that management cannot be trusted and that „if the university is so serious about job salvage, why are there no enforceable provisions for the job economy in its proposed variant?“ These are exactly the arguments that NTEU Fightback activists have put forward all the time. The members` voting calendar was published on an NTEU website called savelatrobejobs. This highly dubious campaign slogan was linked to the online ballot itself, as well as the erroneous assertion that the union supports the changes.