Hire Purchase Agreement In Sri Lanka

3. Lease-to-sale requirements. This document does not contain all the terms of the agreement. Other conditions are included in the terms of the lease. Together, they form the agreement between you and us. The conditions activated have the meaning that is defined in the terms of the lease-sale. (a) the agreement is concluded and signed by the tenant and by or on behalf of all other parties to the agreement; 3. If the tenant has expressly communicated to the landlord, in writing or implicitly, the specific purpose for which the goods are necessary, there is an implied condition that the goods are appropriate for that purpose. (c) with respect to breaches covered in the agreement, whether they are characterized as defects or similar descriptions; If SC represents legal taxes; NC represents the net cash price; Represents the rate; and represents the time, expressed in years and fractions of years, that elapses between the date of the agreement and the day when the last rental-sale rate is to be paid under the agreement. In this subsection, the „central bank“ refers to the central bank of Ceylon established under the Monetary Act. (iii) a list of goods covered by the agreement is sufficient to identify them; 8. The right of the tenant to terminate the contract at any time. (b) where the tenant inspected the goods or sample for defects that should have been found during the examination; 5.

When the goods are sold or sold under a designation lease agreement, it is implicitly concluded that the goods fit the description; if the goods are sold under the agreement by reference to a sample and by description, it is not enough for most of the goods to match the sample if the goods do not fit the description. (Applicable to all lease-sale agreements and related services described in these amended terms of sale varies or is added from time to time) (a) in the event of defects that the owner could not reasonably have known at the time of the agreement; (d) if they are used goods and the agreement includes a declaration to that effect. (b) „deposit“: any amount that the tenant must pay in the form of a down payment or other initial payment 6r under the tenancy agreement or that it is credited under the agreement on the basis of such a down payment or payment, whether that amount is paid or made by payment of money or by transfer or delivery of goods or otherwise; 15. Requirement for the tenant to provide information on the location of the goods. 16. Tenant rights in case of withdrawal of goods by the landlord. AN ACTE to define and regulate the obligations of parties to leases and to deal with related or incidental issues. 7. Tenant`s right to buy at any time with discounts.