Agreement Between Investor And Contractor

I put about 10% of the profits to find the agreement. 10 more for compilation. 25-39% for someone who manages the project, contracting it to the Point of Sale and COE. Probably up to half for funding. My situation may be far from yours. The six mandatory documents are the independent contractual agreement, the final work volume, the payment schedule, the insurance allowance, the W-9 form and the final abandonment of the right to pledge. I was wondering if anyone had experience in formulating capital contributions. My partner and I are invested both as guarantors and hands in the work of coordinating contractors at this stage. However, at the end of the week, we will contribute to different amounts for down payment and down payment fees.

Then, while the work continues, my partner will make the payments on our note. In a month, he will move and I will take on the day-to-day work of coordinating the project. I am in the process of reviewing a license and shouting an LLC. It goes without saying: you want this W-9 to be filled before construction begins. In the event that something goes wrong with a project and communication with a contractor is angry, it is almost impossible to obtain sensitive personal information of this type after the act. The real estate agent- receives kommishion from the sale and purchase and 20% of the profits. (will also act as a project manager and assist contractors in all work. We still have a nice piece of wallet, and our contract company has received a lot of attention. The project has partnered with other more experienced investors.

But we also have credit card debts. We will try another one, but this one was a rather abysmal financial failure. I was contacted by a friend who wants to invest in flipping houses and me to do the job. He would basically be a silent investor, I would make an offer to do the job and choose the work I would do myself and the work I would submit to other entrepreneurs I know and with whom I have relationships. He would finance the entire project from the purchase of the house to the payment of subs and materials. We are now at the point where we have to write a contract….. It`s hard and I`m looking for some tips, each with thoughts please share!! No contract helped us and didn`t hurt us. For example, we ran out of money to continue living when the project expanded, because we are not paid for the renovation. So our investor agreed to put us a weekly salary until the end of the project, which we do not rely on Costs, but in exchange, I had to give up the right to sell the property (I am a real estate agent and that was our initial agreement).