Afi Training Affiliation Agreements

7. The parties agree that the use of the term „professional“ or a repetition or form of that term within this MOA or AFI 36-2645 does not constitute professionalization and, therefore, the removal of positions for which such training is mandatory or voluntary from any membership in a trading entity. g. All BUEs that perform security functions, including those with additional tasks that include security functions, may participate in the training, regardless of the date of recruitment. 5. Personnel who inform their superiors of the existence of obstacles to the proper training and use of the computerised training and/or testing system (i.e. disability, education, language, etc.) shall be provided with assistance or access to other existing methods, in accordance with the Air Force Directive. 3. The objective of the SPēD program is to promote a common and shared understanding of the functional tasks of doD security and the knowledge and skills related to the skills needed to perform these tasks. The SPēD program has been designed to encourage long-term professional development, education and staff training through a cyclical certification interview process that contributes to maintaining staff technical skills and political knowledge. 6. The Parties agree that training and development opportunities shall be provided to all participating workers on a fair and equitable basis.

Failures or successes under the voluntary programme are not taken into account in staff performance evaluations. c. BUEs shall be provided with appropriate service time to access and meet the mandatory training requirements related to this programme. If the BUE is of the view that the duty time provided is not sufficient to meet the mandatory training requirements, the employee may request additional time from his or her supervisor. If compliance is not permitted, the worker may lodge a complaint under Article 6 G. Un. If the engagement so permits and with prudential authorisation, a reasonable period of time shall be granted to the BUEs to access and complete the certification until the certification(s) are completed. D. BUEs are informed in writing of the requirements of the Professional Development Unit (PDU) for its certification(s). If the mission allows, HUEs are duly authorized to work each month after receipt of the certification(s) to work on THE PDUs.

e. BUEs have access to the necessary materials (e.g.B. computers, books, study guide) provided by management at no additional cost to the employee. d. BUEs are provided with appropriate service time for travel to/authorized test sites and receive miles in accordance with the Joint Travel Regulation for all travel related to the DoD SPeD(s) certification exam. . . .